Hydration Station providing water on the move

Westernport Water is looking forward to supplying water at various local commmunity events via a new mobile water trailer

The mobile trailer is transportable and suitable for a wide range of events from cycling, running, beach events to community festivals, fundraising and shows. Your visitors will appreciate the convenience and availability of free water on tap.
The Hydration Station is so versatile it can be connected to most areas that receive potable (drinking) water. Mains connection is preferred however other options such as tanker supply can be adopted for special circumstances. The Hydration Station features 8 taps and 6 bubblers so people can refill their bottles or simply enjoy a drink direct from the bubblers provided.
Westernport Water enjoys supporting the community and its environment. If you believe our Hydration Station could be a positive addition to your next event, please submit your booking application for consideration against our sponsorship criteria.
For events that meet our sponsorship criteria, Westernport Water will happily consider donating the use of the Hydration Station; however, where the criteria are not met, the Hydration Station is available at commercial hire rates.
You can download a brochure, booking forms and required sponsorship forms from our website by visitingwww.westernportwater.com.au/Services/Hydrationstation/

Media Contact: Geoff Russell 0359 564140 , 0418536487