Tenant Move In – Online Form


Owners, or their agent, are responsible for registering details below on behalf of incoming tenants at least FIVE business days before the tenant moves. Westernport Water will need unrestricted access to the water meter during this time.

If you are a tenant you do not have to do anything when moving in to a rental property. Your landlord or property manager will let us know you are moving in and give us your details so we can set up your account.  However, it is the tenant’s responsibility to advise Westernport Water when vacating a rental property.

Tenants cannot be registered with accounts that belong to an Owner’s Corporation/Dual Occupancy


    If a meter reading has been taken, please complete the following:


    (Tenant 1, please fill in ALL fields)


    (Tenant 2, if applicable please fill in ALL fields)

    E-NOTICES (paperless billing)

    All new Westernport Water accounts for tenants will be automatically enrolled for E-Notices (paperless billing), which is our preferred communication method as it has less impact on the environment.

    If your tenant would like to OPT OUT of E-Notices and receive water bills in the mail, please tick this box:


    As owner/agent of this property, we acknowledge that the tenant has been advised that under Section 273 of the Water Act 1989, the tenant is liable for the cost of water supplied to the property. The tenant also understands that they must provide Westernport Water at least 48 hours notice of occupying or vacating a property. Failure to do so will make the tenant liable for the cost of all water to the property until Westernport Water next reads the meter or the end of the billing period in which the vacating occurred – whichever happens first.

    Westernport Water uses this form to collect information, including personal information, from members of the public. The Corporation will use this personal information only for the purpose for which it is collected [or for an associated secondary purpose]. For further information please refer to Westernport Water’s Privacy Policy.