Computer system showpiece for international conference

Westernport Water has been selected as the host site for an international conference this month.

Delegates from across Asia and Australia will be inspecting the cutting-edge computer-controlled system installed at the local water corporation over the past 12 months.
The three-day conference is the first ever held by the corporation supplying the system, an international firm Control Microsystems AsiaPacific.
“We have been chosen as the showcase for Australasia,” said Westernport Water Managing Director Murray Jackson.
“Introducing this system has already proven to be a top-performer in terms of results for customers, for engineering efficiency and for the financial bottom line.
“It has meant our customers are enjoying a better-controlled reticulated water system. Technology delivers better-tasting water.”
Control Microsystems’ Managing Director Peter King said: “We chose the venue because Westernport Water provides an example of a very successful situation. The variation of population numbers makes its operations more challenging and uniquely interesting.”
Control Microsystems Asia Pacific is a subsidiary of Australian-owned SCADAgroup. Products are manufactured in Australia, Canada and the US for use in more than 40 countries.