Candowie Reservoir stands strong through earthquake

The recent 4.4 magnitude earthquake near Korrumburra on Tuesday 5 July was only 20km from the Candowie Reservoir, which supplies water to townships around Westernport Bay and the Bass Coast.

According to Westernport Water’s Reservoir Supervisor Brett Beaumont, the Reservoir showed no signs of stress.
‘We perform inspections on the dam on a regular basis, as well as when a particular event occurs that might affect the structure. The dam wall and all associated infrastructure at Candowie was inspected Tuesday around midday for immediate damage and Wednesday following the aftershocks.’ he said.
‘We typically look for signs of distress in the rock or concrete, as well as evidence of seepage around the abutments and any possible variation in the water table. The earthquake caused no fault to any of our facilities.’
Westernport Water is part of the Victorian Water Industry Seismicity and Alarm Network. We are immediately notified in the event of any local earthquake activity.
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