Air scouring maintenance program: 14 November – 3 December 2011

As part of its continuing work on improving water quality, Westernport Water is once again running its air scouring maintenance program.

Westernport Water’s air scouring maintenance program is scheduled to commence 14 November and will continue through to 3 December 2011. As a result of the program, some areas may experience a temporary interruption to their water supply.
Westernport Water will inform all affected customers, in writing, of the time and duration of the planned interruption to their water supply at least two working days in advance. Please ensure you routinely check your mail to confirm when your area will be affected. No interruption is planned to be longer than a period of one day.
Air scouring involves injecting pressurised air into the pipes at a water hydrant, increasing the force inside the pipes and helping scour away any built up sediment on the inside of the pipe. This program is part of our water quality management program and will ensure we maintain the highest possible quality of water.
Below is a list of areas and the dates that they will undergo maintenance works. Please note that maintenance works may change as circumstances permit and the list will be updated to reflect that.
Cape Woolamai Monday 14 November 2011  & Tuesday 22 November 2011
San Remo Monday 14 November 2011 & Friday 18 November 2011
Newhaven – Saturday 19 November 2011 & Monday 21 November 2011
Corinella – Tuesday 22 November 2011 & Thursday 24 November 2011

Beach and Sunderland Bay – Wednesday 23 November 2011 & Monday 28 November 2011

Kilcunda – Friday 25 November 2011
Kilcunda Estate – Saturday 26 November 2011
For general enquiries; or if you are a registered, special needs customer or you are in a circumstance that requires continuous supply of water, please contact our Water Quality Officer Dean Chambers on 1300 720 711
Visit our ‘Maintenance works’ section for more information