VCAL placements

Westernport Water supports VCAL placements for year 12 students.

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University scholarships are offered on average every 3 years at Westernport Water. This include 13 weeks of placement through the summer vacation months, with reimbursement for school books and materials after the completion of each semester of study. Together with this, the scholarship offers guaranteed position for 1 year with Westernport Water upon completion of the degree.

For enquiries, email

Tom - Scholarship Recipient

Tom Lancaster – Current Scholarship participant

I am extremely grateful for this opportunity provided to me by Westernport Water. I can’t appreciate enough their ongoing support throughout every year of my degree, in both the study and work phases of the scholarship. It has allowed me to purely focus my time and energy on completing my degree during the year, whilst gaining relevant work experience over each summer period. Spending time in the field and working on real projects provides me with practical experience that is difficult to gain through University alone. The scholarship has already provided me with amazing industry contacts and I have a year of guaranteed employment to look forward to when I graduate.