Water meter readers visit from 1 October

Meter readers from Westernport Water will be visiting over 14,000 customers in October 2009.

Meter readers from Westernport Water will be visiting over 14,000 customers in October 2009.

The readings for Phillip Island and areas stretching to Pioneer Bay and Dalyston are the first in a series of three taken each year to measure the previous four-month property water usage.

To enable accurate readings, residents and landowners are asked to:

• Clear any overhanging branches and any long grass or debris around meters

• Make sure there is access to the meter on the property

• Be mindful of any hazards presented by domestic pets for visiting meter readers.

According to Westernport Water’s Jane Crump who heads the meter reading service, the timing of the readings is also a good prompt for residents. “In an emergency, it is useful to know where your meter is situated and that you can get to it quickly. That way, you can switch off the water if there is ever an accidental burst or leak.”

Each meter reader will be dressed in a Westernport Water uniform and will readily identify themselves on request. If any members of the public have concerns they can contact Merryl Todd at Westernport Water on 03 5956 4100.

Those residents who are not able to accommodate a reading (such as those with high locked gates) are asked to ring the Westernport Water customer service line on 1300 720 711 between 1-16 October.

These customers will need to read the first five numbers from the left (generally coloured black) on their water meter to report the reading in kilolitres.

The red numbers are not required. For example, 0 0 4 6 2 3 7 9, is a meter reading of 462 kilolitres.

The Westernport area is currently on permanent water savings measures. You can check these measures atwww.westernportwater.com.au or phone 1300 720 711.

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