Water levels on the up

Above average rainfall for May has turned the tide at Candowie Reservoir.

Above average rainfall for May has turned the tide at Candowie Reservoir.
“Despite receiving very little rain early in the year, rainfall data for May reports Candowie as receiving 147.5mm, well above the 100 year average of 111.5mm,” said Murray Jackson, Managing Director of Westernport Water.
“Furthermore, in the week following the 29 May, monitoring at Candowie Reservoir recorded 65mm of rainfall and Tennent Creek supplying Candowie now has regular water inflows,” said Mr Jackson.
The Candowie Upgrade Project key works including, the upgrade of the dam wall, spillway, outlet tower and the Grantville – Glen Alvie Road remain on schedule for completion by the end of June.
“We continue to make the most of the available local water from the Bass River and the Corinella Groundwater management area to supplement supplies and assist with the recharge of the reservoir.
“While reservoir levels currently remain low, the forecast over the next few months is encouraging,” said Mr Jackson. “The upgraded Candowie Reservoir will have a capacity of 4463 ML (previously 2263 ML) when the new full supply level is reached over the next 12 months.”

According to the Bureau of Meteorology’s rainfall seasonal climate outlook, there is a 55% chance of exceeding the median rainfall for June to August.

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