Non Residential Water Efficiency – Proposed Permanent Water Saving Measures

Increasing water efficiency in Victoria’s non residential sector, and what it could mean for users that consume more than 5 million litres per annum.

Water Act 1989
Victoria’s water corporations currently have in place a Permanent Water Saving Plan, which is developed at the local level and suitable for local conditions. This plan outlines a set of commonsense rules that target outdoor water usage that are designed to achieve long-term water efficiencies.
Currently the plan outlines a key Permanent Water Saving Rule that all industrial, commercial and institutional water customers that consume 10 million litres or more of drinking water per annum must prepare, submit and report against a water management action plan (waterMAP) each year.
The Victorian Government now intends to further increase water efficiency in Victoria’s non-residential sector by expanding the waterMAP program to include all industrial, commercial and institutional water customers that consume 5 million litres or more of drinking water per annum.
This key policy change will require customers of 5 Million litres to; register their intent to develop a waterMAP, prepare and submit an annual report against a waterMAP, annually report to local water authority on the implementation of the waterMAP and savings including review of waterMAP at the request of Water Authority.
You are invited to submit your views on the proposed revisions to the Permanent Water Saving Plans, which are fully explained in the Permanent Water Saving Plans of each water corporation.
Click here to download the Revised Permanent Water Savings Plan 2010
Alternatively drop into Westernport Water office at 2 Boys Home rd or contact – Customer Service 1300 720 711, or
Submissions should be mailed to 2 Boys Home Rd Newhaven, Vic 3825  by Wednesday 27th October.
Murray Jackson, Managing Director
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