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Let’s Talk is our community engagement campaign designed to help us understand customer and community perceptions, and open up an ongoing discussion around the quality and nature of our water and wastewater services.

Your insights will inform future plans and projects, enabling us to provide customers with the services they want and are prepared to pay for.

Whenever you see our “Let’s Talk” logo, we invite you to get involved and provide your valuable feedback. This will ensure you have a strong say in shaping the services we provide.

Price Submission 2018-23

After a nine-month engagement program in which over 1,000 people, or over five per cent of all customers participated, the Price Submission has now been submitted to the Essential Services Commission for consideration.

The water price submission sets out our proposed prices, service standards and customer outcomes for the next five-year regulatory period.

Westernport Water is immensely proud of its customer engagement program, particularly the manner in which staff from across the business supported the process by facilitating discussions with the community around the key themes that customers wanted to talk about.

Ultimately, our customers have sought greater affordability, improved water quality, investment in the environment, and sustained performance through a focus on renewal activity.

Westernport Water’s Price Submission reflects customer expectations and is structured around four key outcomes:

• Reliable Water and Wastewater Services
• Better Tasting Water
• A More Sustainable Community
• Affordable and Responsive Services

Customers will be consulted throughout the Essential Services Commission’s review process, with final determinations expected to be released in mid-2018.

Our submission is currently available on the ESC website.

To request a printed copy of our price submission, email, call them on (03) 9032 1300 or write to them at:

Attn: 2018 water price review
Essential Services Commission
Level 37, 2 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

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