Dry patch for Candowie Reservoir

A combination of reduced rainfall and planned draw down can explain the current low level of Candowie Reservoir. Read more…

A combination of reduced rainfall and planned draw down can explain the current low level of Candowie Reservoir, which supplies Westernport Water customers.
Records reveal only 145mm has fallen between January and April this year compared to the long-term average of 285mm, consequently Candowie Reservoir is hovering around 27%.
Managing Director of Westernport Water Murray Jackson commented, “Some rain soon will be very timely, our Candowie Reservoir upgrade project is nearing completion and we will be ready to capture the inflows.”
To supplement the sporadic inflow from Tennent Creek the Corporation is now accessing water from the Corinella Groundwater Management area by pumping from the Corinella Borefield. When environmental flows permit Westernport Water will also draw water from the Bass River.
“Should the current dry spell continue, Westernport Water will need to consider implementing short term water restrictions.” Mr Jackson added.
“The Tennant Creek catchment and Candowie Reservoir has always been rainfall dependant with a very regular fill cycle. History shows around June each year the water level usually rises quickly”, Mr Jackson said.
“With the reservoir full supply level now raised 3 metres the holding capacity increased from 2263ML to 4463ML, we will be better placed to manage these short dry spells. Our team is closely monitoring water levels and weather patterns to determine if restrictions are necessary” commented Mr Jackson.
Westernport Water currently has in place Permanent Water Saving Rules and requests that both visitors and permanent residents continue to save water and limit non-essential water use.
For further information on our Permanent Water Saving Rules and the Candowie upgrade project please visit our website:www.westernportwater.com.au
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