How we can help you

Westernport Water recognises that anyone may experience times of financial hardship, so we have a range of alternate payment options available to our customers experiencing difficulty paying their account.

These include:

Westernport Water also partners with Resolve 180 to provide customers access to specialist assistance to identify a repayment plan tailored to a customer’s individual financial situation.

Under the program, Resolve 180 will:

  • Listen to your situation
  • Provide you with the tools to understand your financial situation
  • Assist you to complete the required documentation
  • Assess your situation and come to a mutually beneficial repayment plan to assist you on your way to resolving your outstanding obligation
  • Treat you with dignity, respect and compassion

For a confidential discussion with our Customer Relations Coordinator please call:

Hardship Brochure

Customers discussing their water bill