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IT Managed Services WPW is looking to replace its current managed services environment with a new managed services solution that includes:

Part 1 – Implementation of replacement of Finance, Utility Billing, Payroll, Human Resources, and Work Orders and Job Costing systems (including migrating legacy data),

Part 2 – Providing a new managed services environment for the replacement applications and migrating all other applications across to a new managed services environment.

WPW established the Business Transformation Program (BTP) in mid 2016 to understand and describe its requirements for each of Parts 1 and 2 above.
WPW is seeking responses to this Invitation for the provision of Goods and Services for Part 2, as further described in Part A.2 – Specifications.
Please note that WPW is also releasing a separate Invitation to Supply for Part 1 that is closed to the market. This Invitation for Part 1 provides tenderers the option of proposing a solution that includes Parts 1 and 2.

Tender documents can be obtained from:
How to find tenders

Tenders are advertised in the Wednesday edition of the Herald Sun and the Tuesday edition of the South Gippsland Sentinel Times. Alternatively, a full list of tenders can be found at or can be collected in hard copy from our Newhaven office.


For further information regarding the technical aspects of a tender, use the designated contact in the tender documents.

To access, review and download our tenders, please visit

Tenderers please note the Victorian code of practice for the building and construction industry (Victorian Guidelines) applies to all building and construction tenders.